12/8/14 Indonesian Activist Visiting Copenhagen

19:00 – 21:00
Internationalt Forum
Griffenfeldsgade 41, 2200 København

Screenings of short documentaries, talk and debate.

Mita from Indonesia will come and tell about political activism, self organized groups and projects.

She has been part of creating socialcenters first in Jakarta, Depok and now on their second year in Jogjakarta, making groups working with gender/sexuality/feminism issues and been travelling around in Indonesia working with land conflicts/farmer struggle issues.

On her trip to europe she’s interested in getting new inspiration, experience/hear how different forms of activism and selforganizing works around europe and in general meeting people with whom she can share experience, knowledge and create new networks and friendships with.

Mita will start to tell about projects and groups she’s been involved with, we will be screening some documentaries she has brought (See description further down) and will be ending the evening with questions discussions and hanging out.

She selling some of her DIY crafts, to pay for some of all the costs she has had to pay for this trip, so bring cash if you wanna support her and get some nice DIY made stuff.

Also, if you are involved in political groups, have something interesting to share or just wanna meet her, she’s very interested in meeting people and beeing part of what’s going on while she’s here. She will be in Copenhagen/Malmö until the 14th.

We hope to see a lot of people, and spread the word, so you can give your friends this nice opportunity to come and meet her!

Link to one of the groups she involved in:

As for the movie screening for the info day here’s the info:

– Gender, sexuality, LGBT issues from Indonesia & our collective projects
(Safe space, gender based violence & unplnned pregnancy helpline, crafty
queer, self defense class)
We can screen a doc movies about women & queer situation in Indonesia (5
serial, each between 25 – 30min)

a. Title: Miss & Mrs (about sexual reproductive access & information from
2 subject; 1 teenager & 1 anti-penetration lesbian. This
movie took place in Jakarta the capital town of Infonesia where it assumed
as the central of information, education, economy, ‘rich’ district etc)

b. What’s the Point? (about female genital circumcission in city &
sub-urban areas)

c. Effort of love (about wmyn migrant workers in Hongkong, with two
stories from a lesbian couple & a wmyn who will undergo a cyst operation)

d. Our children’s Fund (about sex worker)

e. Indonesia’s transexual muslim (about transgender within muslim context)

– Land conflict & farmer’s struggle (Ogan Ilir farmers struggle, South
Sumatra, Indonesia) –> we have the doc movie with english subtitle



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