Alternative democracy workshop. ( sociocracy)

se videre: demokrati-kritik

Hi Im making free test workshop about a great organization tool called Sociocracy. Its a deeper and better form of democracy. I am making the workshop because I dream of a world where we can take better and wiser decisions in organisations.
Come and Learn some of the basics for steering dynamically without loosing people on the way, in your organisation.

I am making this as a test workshop since im going to Iceland this summer where I will teach what I know of this as well. So I need to train it. I am not an expert, yet 🙂 I am still learning, not a certified trainer neater. But I have been familiar with most of the processes for a while, and I can hopefully give you some tools for how to make a Socratic decision and some of the basic theory. I got some good examples for how to do it that we will go through.
( examples that professionals have made )

So what it Sociocracy and why should you care?
Its is a form of governance that is fully transparent, based on trust, consent, feedback loop, everyone can get there voice heard it just makes life so much easier,( it stops endless descussions) Meetings get just much more fun.
For now its is used by companies, coops, organisation, families and relationships.

The program :

12- 15 pm.

12.00 Welcome. Opening circle
12.15 Introduction to sociocracy. (theory)
13:00 Examples for how to do election prosesses and consent prosesses. (practical)
13:30 break

13:45 continue with examples and exercises. (practical)
15:00 closing circle

After we can continue. if people want to over a cup of tea 🙂
place. depending on weather, if nice weather then its done in byhaven 2200, otherwise in platenvej 30 in Copenhagen (frederiksberg or nørrebro)

Entrence fee:
None ! it is a gift 🙂
Feel free to bring snacks if you want 🙂 or tea

If you want to be part of facilitating the work shop or want to make it with me you are welcome to join 🙂

To contact me and we can figure something out.


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