8/9/15 Info meeting about ABC-Belarus .

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 8. sep. kl: 18 i Ungdomshuset

ABC-Belarus Infotour 2015

Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) is an international network of groups which support anarchist and social prisoners. ABC itself is rather old, but there were significant ruptures/discontinuations in tradition.

ABC-Belarus became much more active after wave of repressions against Belarusian anarchists in 2010-2011. On our own bitter experience we learned how to oppose state violence, and we want to share our experience. As recent crackdown on Czech anarchist movement shows, police and secret service brutality is not unique to the “last dictatorship of Europe”. And we know firsthand that it is important to have anti-repression measures taken and structures built before repressions, not after.

During the info-events we will also speak about the development of political situation in Belarus in the vicinity of presidential elections (scheduled for October 11). What is the place of social movements and anarchist groups in contemporary Belarus? Which groups are main targets of state repressions? How repressive tactics are changed before and after elections?

Last but not least, we hope to raise some money for the cause during the infotour. Counteraction to repressions consumes not only a lot of time and efforts, but a lot of money as well.


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