7/6/16 Black Birds by Katerina Gogou (reception)

“My friends are black birds”. The poems of Katerina Gogou are screams still echoing across the cement prisons of cities we live in.

Katerina Gogou was an anarchist poetess from Athens, Greece, a representative figure of the 70s-80s radical political and cultural scene of Exarcheia.

Her writings are often personal narratives but at the same time they are vivid pictures of the margins of urban society. There, she gives a space to all the people that cannot find their space in it. The protagonists of her dark stories are antiheroes who experience the violence and the anguish of urban life, the deadlocks one faces while trying to change the things around them, situations we can either see or identify ourselves in. Even though she describes Athens in the ’70s and ’80s, her poems are a mirror of our dystopic present.

We launch the book “Black Birds”, published by Forlaget Nemo. It is a collection of some of her poems, translated into English by Dimitris Askitis and illustrated by Erica Minuz.


17.00 Opening
19.00 Presentation of the book
20.00 Music and readings
22.00 End

In Astrid Noacks Atelier there will be an exhibition the original paintings and some more poems translated.

There will be beer and wine.




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